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Voodoo Golf Tee Holder

Voodoo Golf

Voodoo Golf Tee Holder

$ 19.99

"Un-curse your game!" with Voodoo Golf Tee holder. 

Shop Local! A Fairfax, VA Product!

  • A HOLE-IN-ONE KIND OF A GIFT: These Voodoo Golf Tee Holders are perfect for anybody who plays golf, and make a unique gift for dads, co-workers, or your golfing friends. You will get a great reaction and smiles to those you gift! They’re a perfect stocking stuffer or present for Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Secret Santa, White Elephant parties and other special occasions.
    This product may or may not help improve your game. But it will help you have more fun. Don't take it too seriously. Golf is already hard as is. :)
  • Order contains one (1) Voodoo Golf Tee Holder


Did you know…

that the very first time you pick up a golf

club, you are casted a perpetual curse?

You got your shanks, chunks, slices,

hooks, lip outs… you name it. You got it.

That’s why we created the Voodoo Golf.

It’s our desperate attempt to cure the


So, stick your tees into the Voodoo and start “un-cursing”* your game!


There is a famous quote by the golf legend Lee

Trevino… “If you are caught on a golf course

during a storm and are afraid of lightning, hold

up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron.”

We know golf is hard. And the Voodoo may or

may not help with your game. But at the end of the

day, even if you sliced the entire sleeve of Pro-

V1s into the woods, you still have the coolest

tee holder dangling off

of your bag. And that is what Voodoo Golf Co.

is all about.


Having fun.

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