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VOLVIK DS-55 Golf Balls


VOLVIK DS-55 Golf Balls

$ 19.99 $ 25.00

**DS-55's are low in inventory**

The Volvik DS-55 is the latest version of the DS (Dual Spin) series by Volvik. The first in the DS series was the DS-77, a popular 77-compression distance ball that specialized in performing like a low spinning distance ball off the tee that increased in spin the closer the golfer got to the green.  Volvik has produced the same results with the DS-55, but this time around they have produced their softest ball ever at a 55 compression.

The DS series was made to address the most common problems among amateur golfers. By reducing side spin, slices and hooks are reduced for increased accuracy and longer distance. This golf ball is designed for moderate swing speed players needing help with side spin reduction and more distance. The DS in the name of the ball stands for DualSpin core technology featured in the golf ball. The 55 portion of the name is the compression of the golf ball. 


    • Features a high COR for maximum ball speed and a 55 compression to reduce driver spin, resulting in extreme distance

    • High velocity core for maximum ball speed

    • Low driver-spin and longer impact time increases distance and minimizes unnecessary side-spin

    • DualSpin core produces less driver spin off the tee and more greenside spin with wedges - up to 10% more spin around the green than other leading brands in this same category

  • Soft core produces a pleasant soft feel and more accurate shot control and an excellent, extremely soft putting feel

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