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US Kids Ultralight 431 SS Iron Golf Club Assorted Sizes/Colors

US Kids

US Kids Ultralight 431 SS Iron Golf Club Assorted Sizes/Colors

$ 49.99

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Designed for Beginner to Intermediate players

As the No. 1 brand in Junior Golf - Worldwide, U.S. Kids Golf is always at the forefront of innovation and design. ULTRALIGHT clubs have lighter club heads and more flexible shafts than TOUR SERIES. They are the perfect way to grow up in the game.

After determining your size (height), golf becomes easier with ULTRALIGHT clubs.

- Fitting is for every 6" of growth Woods increase 4" in length for each size change and all other clubs increase 3".
- All clubs heads use excellent materials.
- Club head weight increases as the player grows. UL-24 (24% lighter), UL-18 (18% lighter) and UL-12 (12% lighter) models are all lighter than adult equipment.
- Kids-flex Lightweight composite shafts are frequency matched and spined.
- Grips increase in size for appropriate feel as hands continue to grow.


- 18% lighter clubhead weight
- 431 stainless steel irons
- Die cast aluminum woods
- Lightweight composite graphite shafts
- Correct grip size, lie angle, and shaft flex

Set Includes:

1-#3 Wood
1-#6 Iron
1-#8 Iron
1-#PW Iron
1-Stand Bag

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