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Putting Tunnel - Golf Training Aid

Railway Greens

Putting Tunnel - Golf Training Aid

$ 50.00

This innovative new golf training aid lets a golfer know exactly when their eyes are ‘in-plane’ directly over the line of the putt. Visually trains proper alignment for more accurate putting and more success on the golf course.

The Magic Of Putting Tunnel™ Is the Broken White Stripe.

The broken white stripe along the top of Putting Tunnel™ is the key to learning proper alignment and ‘eyes over the line’ setup. When the white stripe forms a straight line along the top of Putting Tunnel™, you’re in the sweet spot with your eyes directly over the line of the putt. If the white stripe appears broken or staggered, then you’re set up with your eyes either inside or outside the line, resulting in bad aim and less accuracy. If you are the type of golfer that believes your eyes should be ‘just inside the line,’ then seek out that slight stagger in the white stripe.

The power of Putting Tunnel™ is that it lets you know when you’re in a bad setup position right away. Adjusting your stance to straighten the stripe creates a fundamentally sound setup position aligned over the correct putting line every time – it’s that simple. 

The feedback you receive with Putting Tunnel™ is clear, concise, and immediate, resulting in faster learning and better, more effective practice. Putting Tunnel™ visually holds you in place while the Tunnel itself sits several feet away. It works equally as well whether you’re right or left-handed.

Putting Tunnel™ does not dictate a certain putting stroke style or type of putter. Putting Tunnel™ works well for both left-handed and right-handed golfers and can be used inside or outside. You can practice in your living room, an indoor or outdoor putting green, or on the greens themselves at the golf course. No matter where you practice,
Putting Tunnel™ will take your greens game to the next level by training proper setup and alignment, resulting in better aim, more putts made, and more fun on the golf course.


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