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PING Prodi G Junior Driver


PING Prodi G Junior Driver

$ 237.99 $ 239.99

Long-Distance Driver

Juniors can add 15 yards off the tee over the top-selling junior driver with this more forgiving, more aerodynamic 460cc titanium driver. It offers speed-inducing crown turbulators, forgiveness from dragonfly technology, and a lightweight graphite shaft to help generate power.
Example of Approximate Driver Lengths:
4'5": -3" From Standard
4'9": Standard
5'2": +3" From Standard
Driver 15.0° 39 1/2"
Fairway Wood 22.0° 37 3/4"
Hybrid 27.0° 36 1/4"
6-iron 32.0° 34 1/8"
7-iron 35.0° 33 1/2"
8-iron 39.0° 35"
9-iron 43.0° 32 3/4"
PW 47.0° 32 1/2"
Wedge 52.0° 32 1/2"
Wedge 56.0° 32 1/4"
Voss Putter 3.00° 29 1/2"

A Fitting Investment.

As junior golfers grow, so does the need to ensure they are properly fit to their equipment. The PING Prodi G “Get Golf Growing” Program is engineered with that in mind, offering a one-time, no-charge club adjustment service. Think of it as buying two sets for the cost of one.

To be eligible, consumer must purchase a minimum of five Prodi G junior clubs (any combination) in one transaction. Purchases of fewer than five clubs are not eligible. Purchase will be verified via the set’s serial number to confirm eligibility. Consumer is entitled to a one-time, no-charge service to have the clubs re-shafted, lengthened, re-weighted, and re-gripped to optimize performance as the golfer grows. (Cost of re-finishing not included.) Clubs do not need to be altered at the same time. There is no expiration date for the one-time opportunity. Consumer is responsible for shipping costs to PING. PING covers shipping and handling costs back to the consumer upon completion of the alterations. Turnaround time is estimated at one week upon receipt of clubs at PING’s facility.

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