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PING Glide Forged Steel Wedges


PING Glide Forged Steel Wedges

$ 199.00

Glide Forged

Designed in close collaboration with PING tour pros and company advisors, Glide Forged wedges are premium quality in their compact design, soft feel using 8620 carbon steel, high spin, and shot-making versatility. A unique customization program enables you to choose from multiple graphics and stamping options. 

  • Glide 2.0 Wedge Grooves Illustration

    Higher Spin for Control

    Patented, precision-milled, wheel-cut grooves enable grooves with a sharper edge radius, which increases interaction with the ball at impact, creating more friction for improved spin and trajectory control.
  • Soft, Assured Feel

    8620 carbon steel produces an incredibly soft feel in the blade-style head. Every detail was covered, including milling the back of the wedge to create a distinct, appealing pattern. A tungsten toe weight adds forgiveness
  • address view of Glide Forged wedge

    Tour-Inspired Shape

    The small profile is complemented by the tour-inspired gooseneck-tapered hosel that allows for a smooth transition through grass and sand and provides a captured look.
  • toe view of Glide Forged wedge

    Designed for Versatility

    A sole design with a rounded lead edge and more heel-toe camber allows for more shot-making creativity around the green. The face is machined flat to ensure consistent ball speeds, especially toward the toe, to improve accuracy.
  • Customize, Personalize

    Add artistic flair to your wedges from a selection of four eye-catching graphic designs: boomerang shapes, Mr. PING (seen here), the American flag, or an Arizona desert landscape.
  • Stamping

    You can also custom-stamp and paint fill using up to three letters and colors on the heel, center, or toe. You might use your initials, or choose the Mr. PING logo.
    50/10 50.0° 35 1/2”inches 0.09”inches 64.1° 10.0° D3
    52/10 52.0° 35 1/2”inches 0.09”inches 64.1° 10.0° D3
    54/10 54.0° 35 1/4”inches 0.08”inches 64.4° 10.0° D4
    56/10 56.0° 35 1/4”inches 0.08”inches 64.4° 10.0° D4
    58/8 58.0° 35”inches 0.08”inches 64.6° 8.0° D5
    60/8 60.0° 35”inches 0.08”inches 64.6° 8.0° D5


    1. These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.
    2. Lie angle is based on Black Color Code at standard length.
    3. The standard swing weights shown are with the True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 steel shaft.
    4. The standard swing weights with other steel shafts will be approximately 1 point lighter.
    5. The standard swing weights for graphite-shafted clubs are 2-3 points lighter than steel-shafted clubs.
    6. Achievable swingweights depend on shaft and grip combinations.


    PING offers a variety of shaft flexes in steel and graphite to meet your needs and preferences. Selecting the proper shaft flex for your swing will help you get the most distance and accuracy from every shot. Generally, players with faster swing speeds require stiffer shafts to keep the ball trajectory lower, while players with slower swing speeds will require more-flexible shafts to produce a higher ball trajectory.

    The choice of steel or graphite shafts is usually based on preferences for weight and/or feel. Players seeking a lighter overall weight and/or a softer feel in their irons may prefer graphite shafts, while players who prefer a standard-weight club with a firmer feel may prefer steel shafts.

    We recommend that you get fit for the shaft that allows you to play your best golf. Whether that’s a softer, lighter shaft with a higher launch or a heavier, stiffer shaft with a lower trajectory, a PING Certified Club Fitter can help you find the shaft that brings consistency to your game.

    Dynamic Gold
    Dynamic Gold shaft
    S300 124ggrams Low Mid
    X100 124ggrams Low
    PING AWT 2.0
    PING AWT 2.0
    Regular 98ggrams Mid High
    Stiff 104ggrams Mid
    X-Stiff 119ggrams Low Mid
    Alta CB
    Alta CB shaft
    Soft Regular 66ggrams High
    Regular 72ggrams Mid High
    Stiff 84ggrams Mid
    KBS TOUR shaft
    Regular 104ggrams Mid
    Stiff 114ggrams Mid
    X-Stiff 124ggrams Low Mid
    Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 105
    Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 105
    Stiff 100ggrams Mid High
    X-Stiff 105ggrams Mid High
    True Temper XP 95
    True Temper XP 95
    R300 93ggrams High
    S300 95ggrams High
    Rifle Project X LZ
    Rifle Project X LZ shaft
    5.0 104ggrams Mid
    5.5 109ggrams Mid
    6.0 114ggrams Mid
    6.5 119ggrams Mid
    Dynamic Gold 105
    Dynamic Gold 105 shaft
    R300 95ggrams Mid High
    S300 97ggrams Mid High
    Dynamic Gold 120
    Dynamic Gold 120 shaft
    S300 112ggrams Mid
    X100 114ggrams Mid


    • After-market shafts KBS Tour, N.S. Pro Modus3 105, Dynamic Gold, XP 95 and Project X LZ offered at no upcharge.

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