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PING G Steel Iron Set


PING G Steel Iron Set

$ 600.00



Revolutionary COR-Eye Technology provides four times the amount of face flexing for consistently faster ball speeds across the hotter face. A gain in ball speed and shot height generates more carry distance and a steeper landing angle. A specialized heat treatment creates Hyper 17-4 stainless steel, allowing for thinner, faster faces to gain distance.

COR-Eye Technology

This unique structure involves the entire face in flexing for consistently faster speeds across the hotter face. The increase in speed and shot height generates distance and a steep landing angle so shots hit the green and hold the green.

Enhanced Sound, Feel

An enlarged multi-material damping badge joined to the cavity works with COR-Eye Technology to provide exceptional sound and feel.

Perimeter Weighting

Weight saved from the face was allocated to the low toe and perimeter, creating a high MOI for extreme forgiveness.

CTP Elevates Launch

Connecting the Custom Tuning Port to the sole creates a deeper CG that helps elevate the launch angle while increasing MOI for greater forgiveness.

AWT 2.0 Shaft Innovation

PING’s proprietary Ascending Weight Technology shafts improve performance through an optimal combination of physics and feel. They get heavier as they progress from the long irons to the short irons and wedge. Lighter long-iron shafts help square the clubface, increase clubhead speed, and optimize flight for distance and accuracy. Heavier short iron/wedge shafts improve trajectory control and feel.

Club Length Loft Power Spec Loft Lie Offset Bounce Swing Weight
4-Iron 38.88" 21.00° 19.50° 60.56° 0.29" 5.0° D0
5-Iron 38.25" 24.00° 22.50° 61.50° 0.26" 6.0° D0
6-Iron 37.63" 27.00° 25.50° 62.44° 0.23" 7.0° D0
7-Iron 37.00" 30.50° 29.00° 63.38° 0.20" 8.0° D0
8-Iron 36.50" 35.00° 33.50° 64.13° 0.18" 9.0° D0
9-Iron 36.00" 40.00° 38.50° 64.88° 0.16" 11.0° D0
PW 35.50" 45.00° 44.00° 65.50° 0.14" 12.0° D2
UW 35.50" 50.00° 49.00° 65.50° 0.12" 12.0° D2
SW 35.25" 54.00° 53.50° 65.75° 0.10" 13.0° D3
LW 35.00" 58.00° 58.00° 66.00° 0.08" 13.0° D4





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