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EDEL GOLF Chrome SMS Wedges

Edel Golf

EDEL GOLF Chrome SMS Wedges

$ 199.99


Hit It.  Flip It.  Dial It In.

Swing Match Weighting is the first wedge technology to truly fit your wedge to your natural swing.

  • Our weighting technology allows the golfer to adjust their wedge in order to match their natural swing profile and release motion.
  • These profiles are typically broken into three major categories: Cover, Side On, Under or in simpler terms, a continuum of steep to more shallow.
  • Each wedge has two lighter 2 gram weights and one heavier 8 gram weight.  By moving the heaviest weight on the wedge to the optimal position for your profile, it will work complementary to your swing and optimize your wedge game.


The C-Grind is a cambered shaped grind with lower bounce and a wider sole; this grind is optimal for golfers with shallow to moderate angles of attack with a smaller divot. This is a shotmakers wedge. The extra sole width allows you extreme versatility for bunker play and green side shots in the higher lofts; while being able to work in all turf conditions in the lower lofts.


The T-Grind is a triple sole grind with three surfaces; utilizing a high bounce leading edge, followed by a crescent shaped lower bounce surface, and extreme heel relief. This grind is optimal for golfers with a moderate to steep angle of attack with normal sized divot. These three surfaces allow you to open the face without increasing the effective bounce for better performance on tight lies.


The V-Grind is a V-shaped grind with medium-high bounce; this grind is optimal for golfers with a moderate to steep angle of attack with a larger divot. Inspired by our most popular DVR grind, this sole is great for golfers with a steeper swing motion. A higher bounce angle closer to the leading edge allows this sole to engage with the turf quickly; resulting in minimal hesitation through sand or turf.


The D-Grind is a dual surfaced high bounce option, optimal for golfers with a steep angle of attack and a large, deep divot. A channel in the midsole area creates a dual sole with two separate bounce surfaces. The high bounce leading edge allows the wedge to cut through the turf at impact without resistance while the high bounce on the second surface prevents any excessive digging.



  • Forged from soft Japanese 1025 carbon steel
  • Bounce & Sole CNC machined to the tightest tolerances in the industry
  • Full face coverage groove profile
  • CG optimized through shortened hosel length
  • Precisely applied cream chrome finish
  • Each wedge comes with two lighter 2 gram weights, one heavier 8 gram weight and a wrench to change the position.


 46°, 48°, 52° 35.5"
54°, 56° 35.25"
58°, 60° 35"

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