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Cobra KING RF Proto Irons - Limited Edition

Cobra Golf

Cobra KING RF Proto Irons - Limited Edition

$ 2,499.99

Limited Edition KING RF Proto Irons

Co-designed by Rickie Fowler and Cobra Golf, the Limited Edition RF Proto Irons are a product of 33 different revisions over the span of a year to create the perfect iron. The rich copper finish was hand selected by Rickie as a finishing touch to make his irons truly one of a kind.

Limited Edition commemorative box included.

Why is it called rev33? 

"We made 32 versions of a great iron, it took us 33 tries to make the perfect one"

- Rickie Fowler


Becoming one of the best players in the world means demanding more from yourself and your equipment. The RF Proto irons are a product of 33 revisions over the span of a year to create an iron that exemplifies the look, precision and performance that a great player like Rickie desires. Cobra's R&D and Tour team worked closely with Rickie every step of the way, taking his direction on the overall design to create an iron unlike any other.

RF Proto Bending


Each RF Proto iron is carefully crafted using a two step process: forged and machined for 155 minutes using a computer-numeric-controlled (CNC) milling machine to ensure the most precise iron without any inconsistencies.

RF Proto Iron Set


Careful consideration was taken to ensure every aspect of the shape ranging from the topline thickness, to each edge radius suited Rickie's eye. The design process began with Rickie hand shaping irons on a grinding wheel, and resulted in 33 different prototypes that were tested, and fine-tuned by Rickie himself. At first glance, one will notice the sharp edges and little to no offset that makes these irons strikingly different from anything played on Tour.

RF Proto Iron Tungsten Weighting

A high-density tungsten toe weight positions the CG right behind the hitting zone for the purest feeling shots with added stability on off-center hits.

Gallery Image 4


Every touch point has been designed to provide the ultimate unboxing experience that pays tribute to the special collaboration between Cobra Golf and Rickie Fowler.


  • Steel: 4-PW (RH)

Iron Loft Lie Angle Bounce Offset
Length with
Length with
Standard Grip
Swing Weight
Shaft Flex
4 24.0° 61.0° 5.3° .64 39.00" 38.75" D2 S RH
5 27.0° 61.5° 5.8° .64 38.50" 38.25" D2 S RH
6 30.0° 62.0° 6.3° .64 38.00" 37.75" D2 S RH
7 34.0° 62.5° 6.8° .64 37.50" 37.25" D2 S RH
8 38.0° 63.0° 7.4° .64 37.00" 36.75" D2 S RH
9 42.0° 63.5° 7.8° .64 36.50" 36.25" D2 S RH
PW 46.0° 64.0° 8.8° .64 36.25" 36.00" D3 S RH

KBS C-Taper 120

Inspired by Tour player feedback, the KBS C-TAPER shaft is designed for players requiring a low piercing trajectory and superior shot control.

KBS C-Taper 120
Model Flex Shaft Weight Kick Point Trajectory Spin Tip Diameter
KBS C-Taper 120 Stiff 120g High Low-Mid Low 0.370

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