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Cal's Magical Clubs by Ed Delgado


Cal's Magical Clubs by Ed Delgado

$ 19.95

Cal's Magical Clubs 

Author: Ed Delgado
Illustrated by: Becky Fawson

This is a story about a boy who makes a remarkable discovery -- his golf clubs have come to life! Join Cal and his magical golf clubs on their adventurous journey across the golf course, where he learns not only how to play golf but more importantly, to believe in himself, to never give up and to just have fun.


  • "A delightful read."

  • "It's fun, encouraging and teaches an important life lesson to children and adults!"

  • "I was an elementary school teacher for many years and I absolutely love the book! The messages that the book sends to children are fantastic! My nieces and nephews love it!"

  • "Such a fun read!! My daughter won't put it down."

  • "Loved the book!! The story and lessons learned are fantastic! The illustrations are great, also!"



Author Ed Delgado is a husband, father, grandfather, surgeon, former NFL kicker, and golf lover currently living in Vienna, VA. He is better known to his two grandsons as "Pops". In writing Cal's Magical Clubs, Ed wanted to create a fun story that kids can both enjoy and learn a valuable lesson from. As long as you do your best, you're always a winner! You can do anything you set your mind to if you keep your head up and believe in yourself.


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