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Full Service Club Repair



Regripping Labor

1-4 clubs: $5/club

5-Full Set: $4/club

Reset Ferrule


Save Grip


Save SuperStroke/Winn Grip


Shorten Shaft


Extend Shaft

1-4 clubs: $10/club

5-Full Set: $8/club

Save Shaft


Reset Shaft


Install Shaft

1-4 clubs: $20/club

5-Full Set: $16/club

Rush Fee


Install Adapter


Save Adapter





Individual Irons

1-5 clubs: $8/club

Iron Set

6+ clubs: $35/set

Prices do not include shafts or grips. Prices may change without notice.
All Prices in USD.
Standard turn-around for full set regripping is 2 business days*.
Rush Fee of $50.00 available before 2pm. Components Must be In Stock.
Shaft Installation and other custom club work: approximately 2 business days*
*Turn-around time for repair/regripping dependant on availability of component(s).