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Corona Update - Golfdom OPEN NOW!

GOLFDOM NOW OPEN -- Visit us for the very best in golf!

To best service our customers while providing a safe and healthy work environment, we ask for your help for fast and efficient shopping!

  • For your safety, please abide by all signage, directions and requests made by GOLFDOM staff.
  • Please adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines set forth by the CDC
  • We will not be accepting cash transactions. We will accept Credit Cards, Gift Certificates, PayPal and Apple Pay.
  • While not required, we strongly encourage all customers to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the safety of customers and employees.
  • Already know what you'd like to purchase? Or maybe you'd like us to gather a few items in advance with your name attached? EMAIL US at We'll have everything ready for your arrival and we're happy to discuss or answer any questions.
  • Fittings: Please call or email to schedule your next club fitting. 
To help ease your mind, employees are required to do their part to keep both themselves and you, safe and healthy.
Employees must (not limited to)
  • Wash hands regularly.
  • Sanitize work stations regularly.
  • Disinfect door handles after each customer and every 30min.
  • Practice safe social distancing while providing you optimal customer service.