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Callaway Performance Center

At our Callaway Performance Center (CPC), exclusively at Golfdom in the Washington DC area, you'll swing the latest clubs from golf's leading innovator and get custom fit into clubs that match your body type and swing mechanics.  Our trained experts create a comfortable and inviting environment within the tech-laden CPC, allowing you to fully understand how Callaway Golf equipment can improve your performance.  The CPC is staffed by certified club specialists who have been trained to find the ideal club specifications for every level of golfer - from the beginner to the professional.  There's not a better or more exciting way to maximize your golf club make-up and performance needs.

Your club performance and swing will be tracked using the Callaway Performance Analysis System (CPAS) and TRACKMAN, the same cutting-edge fitting technology Callaway uses on Tour pros Phil Mickelson, Henrik Stenson and Patrick Reed.  CPAS is a high propriety fitting system developed by Callaway's own R&D department that utilizes 3D imagery, high speed optics and precision software.  CPAS captures all of your swing data, including swing and ball speeds, launch angle, attack and path angles and ball spin rates.  A ball flight simulator displays your results on a hi-res big screen monitor so your club specialist can quickly and easily compare different clubhead/shaft combinations.

Our CPC also features Callaway's proprietary OptiFit Fitting System, allowing you to test numerous driver and iron clubheads with a variety of shafts in a matter of minutes.  At the conclusion of your fitting, you'll receive club recommendations from your fitter, and be one step closer to shooting the lowest round of your life.  This isn't just a custom fitting, it's a precision fitting.

Note: You are not limited to Callaway clubs in this fitting.  
You may try any club(s) you are interested in!
All you have to do is bring your swing. 

Fitting Fees:

Fitting Type  Cost Approx. Time
Iron Fitting $100 1 Hour
Driver Fitting $100 1 Hour
Full Bag (Includes Putter) $200 2 Hours
Putter $50 30 Min
Wedge Gapping $50 30 Min


Email: to Schedule a Fitting!