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2019 Fitting Bay Construction

As you may have seen, we have begun construction to the back right wall.
We are knocking it down to build new fitting bays!
Follow the updates here!

1/7/19 - The Wall is Coming Down!

You'll remember we had TaylorMade on the left slat wall section and PING Irons were on the right hand side.

This wall is coming down to expand the club storage section behind it!


1/7/19 - The Tarp Gets Put Up!

Time to knock down the wall! 

1/7/19 - Knocking it Down!

Piece by piece, the wall is coming down

1/8/19 - Time to Frame!

The wall is down and it's time to start the framing! 

These guys are fast!

1/10/19 - The Frame is Up and Installing Drywall!

Starting to come together, and fast! 

We will be putting in glass in the two rectangular openings.

A new door is also framed out.

1/15/19 - Old Right Side Fitting Bay Door Torn Down!

The old door to the right fitting bay has been torn down and the framing for a new door has been put in place! You can start to see the frame of where the new doors will go. The "glass guys" also came in today to measure out the 2 rectangle windows

1/17/19 - Wiring is Done!

Wiring has been finished for electrical and internet. We have also installed backing for the TVs that we will have mounted int he top section of the wall.

Things couldn't be moving at a better pace!

1/24/19 - Let's Paint!


All of the walls (except for where the TV's will be mounted) have been finished and are being painted! We are using a non-glare eggshell paint. Up next we will have the doors installed and add new slatwall to the store facing low wall.

1/31/19 - Slatwall!


We have begun to hang slatwall outside of the new wall where we will be hanging product from a specific be mentioned later!

2/4/19 - Down with the Tarp!


The tarp has been lifted! Come see the change for yourself! 

Up next we have some painting to do. Also waiting on our custom glass to go into the two rectangular windows.

One more week until the "fun stuff" gets installed!

2/12/19 - Installing Brackets



Today we installed the steel brackets which will hold up the new projector and net.

Up next? Trackman is coming in to install the pretty and fun stuff!

2/13/19 - TRACKMAN!


TRACKMAN installation specialists are here to install the floor, netting and Trackman!

It's coming together so fast and will be up and running soon!

We are so pumped!

Up next? We will begin working on turning the PING room into the TaylorMade room!

2/16/19 - DONE!



Say hi to our brand new Titleist room! Trackman is up and running and the new fitting bay is open for biz!

It's been pretty cool to see the transformation!

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