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"IBKUL" featured it’s opening collection in 2015.  Their Womens Sun Protective Clothing was found in just a few specialty shops, country clubs, and golf shops throughout the state of Florida.

A few years have passed and the”IBKUL” brand is living the American dream. They service over one thousand accounts and are growing daily.

One of the main reason for our success is our patented “IceFil” high tech fabric. It actually cools the body up to five degrees, maintains a UPF 50 rating along with moisture wicking, and anti microbial features.

We have combined this innovative fabric with exclusive bright beautiful resort prints that have taken the activewear market to the next level.

Women & Men Golfers, Tennis players, Yoga enthusiast, Equestrians, and woman going to the supermarket all love to wear “IBKUL”.

Just to sum it up for you, IBKUL is the ultimate in men's and women's sun protection apparel.  IBKUL features UPF 50, the exclusive IceFil cooling element, underarm mesh treatment along with wicking and anti-microbial features in exclusive prints and patterns. Stay cool, comfortable on the hottest humid days so you can perform your best in IBKÜL™.